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The Devolver Album--to be released November, 2021

WOAH-AHHH! Been so much going on at Beatallica is the latest!

The new Beatallica album release is being planned for November 12th, 2021. Entitled "The Devolver Album", this will be our first release on Metal Assault Records. Thanks to Andrew Bansal at MAR for getting this done with us! Watch for various news stories online, courtesy of Ebony Jeanette PR. Press release here:

We are starting to look at show dates for 2021, of course. BUT...until then...check out these show dates in the Midwest: Friday, December 10th, at Live Wire in Chicago and Saturday, December 11th, at The Bend Theater in West Bend, WI. More info coming soon on these dates. The new album, and other new merch, will be available at each show. The Bend Theater show is all-ages. For booking:

Plenty of new pics to be posted, along with a new video for our upcoming single: "Wherever and Everywhere". Thanks, as always, to Mike "Hair" Vveber for his enthusiasm and helping!

Working on album packaging as we go but the new album cover has already been released. Cheers to Matt Wells at for all his work on this:

More info soon...keep up with us on our socials: FB, IG, Twitter....and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page for video:

See you on the road soon!


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