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Shows and album update

Hey there, kids! Plenty going on here at Beatallica HQ...!

We are happy to announce some live gigs for the Milwaukee area this summer! See our TOUR page for details. The Sunday, June 20th show in West Allis, WI will have us doing 2 sets in an outdoor setting. Mid-day start for you early birds! Event page here: You can order advance tix by contacting Jaymz on Facebook: or by writing We will be joined by buddy Bill House, from thrash beasts Conniption, on lead guitar for this gig. Grg III will be working with the Milwaukee Bucks at this time and doing his best to drain a 3-pointer from the corner for the win...

The Sunday, July 25th show in Milwaukee will be a livestream and live video recording event. We will be using partial footage for promo for the upcoming album. This is also an event for the public and will have social distance spacing and entry checks for safety. Check out the production company for the event, Kneeverland, here: Come on out and be part of this killer promo video event!

Beatallica now have 11 new songs in the works for recording. We enter the studio at the end of July and will be at it through August. Official album title and track listing are still in the works but we are making great progress! Looking at a tentative album release sometime in November. It will be very cool to get some new material out that includes original compositions as well as mash-up fun. Along with the writing, we are also working on album art concepts, costuming, merch, and all the other things that go into releasing new tunes. Until then, pick up tunes from our Bandcamp here: and various swag from our website here: Hoping for more show announcements soon!

Other fun stuff in the works such as a promo video spot for the Pouzza Festival in Montreal, Canada. It sucks to not have the event up and running just yet...though we do plan on 2022. Check out Pouzza for upcoming info on the vid: Beatallica will also be recording some radio spots for the Metal Manifesto on KZUM Lincoln, Nebraska and KZUM HD. Give them a listen and keep your ears pealed!

So much fun to have been a part of a recent Metal Asylum livestream interview with buddies Jack Mangan and Richh Catino. You can peep their stuff here: Jaymz was also on a solo interview with Brandon and Metallicast Pod. FB page is here: Check them both out for the Beatallica archived stints!

See you this summer--in person--for heshing good fun! Pints up!


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