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The Devolver Album released today!

Beatallica are hella stoked to release "The Devolver Album" today on Metal Assault Records! Be sure to pick up a copy, along with new merch at

Two show dates in December:

Friday, Dec 10, at Live Wire in Chicago. Party show for the Forever Dear Fest sponsored by Jagermeister. Info here:

Saturday, Dec 11, at The Bend Theatre in West Bend, WI. Tickets on sale now for this all-ages show!

Here are some livestream interviews happening TODAY (Friday the 12th). All times CST. Join us! It's National Happy Hour Day....alllll day!: 10:30 a.m. with Remy Fan and In Conversation with Evil Singing Pandas

3:00 p.m. with Jack Mangan and Rich Catino of Metal Asylum

7:00 p.m. with Brandon Oberkrieser and Metallicast

Stay hesh...see ya on the road soon!


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