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Date cancellations and additions

Beatallibangers. We are disappointed to announce that our Canadian dates for May are being cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. Dates remain intact for Iowa City, Indy, Chesterfield MI, Pittsburgh, Rochester NY, Akron, Milwaukee, and West Chicago.

We were, no doubt, looking forward to hitting Eastern Canada and we hope to reschedule these in the future. Apologies to those heshers who were coming out to the gigs. Due to the routing involved, our show in Brooklyn, NY is also cancelled. We will be back in NY and on the east coast at a later date. This announcement has never been something we have done and, again, we regret this situation.

However, we do want to announce a special date for Saturday, June 18th, in Chicago. We are sure that you know of the great Eric Wagner (The Skull, Trouble) and his recent unfortunate passing. Beatallica have been invited to be a part of an event at Reggie's Rock Club called: Eric Wagner--A Night of Rememberence. Jaymz first met Trouble bass player Ron Holzner at a street festival in Chicago way back in the day. It was in the early days of Beatallica and having Ron at the show was awesome. After some chatting, we knew we had made friends with someone who we revered...amazing! All these years later, we are honored to be a part of this event. Eric was a huge Beatles fan and, to be hand-selected by The Skull, is something that moves us. Let it be known that our show in West Chicago is a Beatallica headlining gig and this is going to be a killer date! The Eric Wagner event is headlined by, and features, The Skull. Check the link for info:

We do have more headlining dates coming up for July, and later this year, in the US. New merch is all ready and we are hyped to be heshing with you all before too long! Keep in touch on our social media pages, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and we will see you on the road!


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