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Signing to Metal Assault Records

Hope the new year has been treating you all well! Things are quite busy here at Beatallica HQ and we are planning on keeping it that way!

First off, we are stoked to announce our official signing to Metal Assault Records. We have had a relationship with label prez, Andrew Bansal, for sometime now as Metal Assault, as a medial outlet, interviewed Jaymz on a few occasions. Now a label, Metal Assault Records and Beatallica are planning for a new release...exact date TBA. The band continues to write material for the prospective album and we can promise it will be thrashing, heshing, hella good! Watch for inclusion of original material on this one. We had 2 original songs on our "Winter Plunderband" e.p. and this will showcase more of that while still keeping ties to Metallica and the Beatles, of course. More info on the album as the year progresses. Take a look at Metal Assault Records at this link:

We would be remiss if we didn't recognize Oglio Entertainment and Carl Caprioglio for having us on their label over these many years. Without their belief and perserverence, we would never have gotten our craziness off the ground. Many thanks...many thanks....

see you in Vegas later this year for some pints and catching up!

We are thankful to our hometown publication, Shepherd Express, for naming us best metal band of 2020. It is always wonderful to have local backing and we appreciate the Shepherd for their support! Check them out at this link:

We also want to say thanks to the Rich and Jack at Metal Asylum for hosting a livestream interview with the band earlier this month. We will definitely be back with them for more chatting once the new album comes out. Metal Asylum has been enthusiastic about the album news and other publications have chimed in (Blabbermouth, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Consequence of Sound, NME, and others...). Check out the interview, and other rocking from Metal Asylum, here:

Watch for more online hangouts and announcements about new tunes...and more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, IG, and FB!


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