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#ivoted and various video coming soon!

Happy hella summer to you all! Definitely hope you kids are staying safe and healthy out there. While there have been no gigs for the band, there has been plenty of creative activity and busy work...

Beatallica are jacked up to be a part of the #ivoted campaign which will air on election night--Tues, November 3rd at

. The band is in the process of putting together a Beatalli-broadcast to be shown that eve. Our good buddy Hair Vveber is at the helm for shooting video. The broadcast aims to be sort of a variety show with different types of video and PSAs. This includes new video material featuring the current line up and songs that haven't been a part of edited video in the past. Thanks to Emily White, along with Melanie and Lexi, and the gang at Collective Entertainment Inc. for including us! Your job, as a Beatallibanger, will be to post selfie pics of you getting an early voting ballot or a pic of you outside your voting station...and pimping Beatallica, of course :}. More details on how to participate and watch the Beatalli-broadcast, along with video from other bands, coming soon. This will be a huge event so we hope to have a great Beatallibanger turn out online! Do your part and join us...and vote this November!

Besides that front, we also will have some online interviews and Q and A appearances in the near future. Mike King from Ruling Note Music in Sacramento is spearheading one front and our buddy in Singapore, Remy Fan, with counter with In Conversation with Evil Singing Pandas. We are working on both of these as we our FB and IG pages for more info as we go.

Of course, there are some other behind-the-scenes items at hand as well...there always are. Thanks to those of you who have been asking about our tunes, the possibility of new tunes, rescheduling of live dates, etc. We are itching to get back at it again ASAFP like a ton of bands and walks of life are. Take care til then, heshers. Hit us up on line to say YO!

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