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Happy 2018, Heshers!

Been busy at camp here with a variety of things…!

Happy to post a few new Spring dates. Come check us out when we are in your neck o’ the woods!

Santa was good to us and brought us new Sgt. Pepper’s suits! The items made their debut in December and we are itching to break em in even more in 2018. But, until then, Grg III is rawking Australia with our buds in the Violent Femmes, Jaymz is recording for some vocals for other buds of ours (secret for a bit) and getting his Celtic rock ire up, Newkid has released a new online horror novel entitled “Fauna”, and Ul-nic is playing shirtless rugby in the snow. Ahh….kids…..

Besides that, Beatallica will be appearing in the ever-present Spoof Fest in Milwaukee on Sat, April 7. The band itself was somewhat birthed at this event so we have quite the history with it. This year, Beatallica will be spoofing Led Zeppelin…awesome! Ticket info via the Facebook page

Be sure to check our MERCH page for Beatallica gear and items of all sorts! Get yourself equipped and be ready for when we see you in 2018!


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