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New year...

Happy hella holiday season to you all no matter how you find your peace! Things have been ramping up here for a killer 2021. Here is the latest...

Beatallica continue to write songs for the next album. Working on 8 new tunes (in various stages) and we are quite stoked about the progress! Can't wait to share these with you sometime next year. The whole band is involved with the compositions and that is totally a blast!

Beatallica are happy new announce our partnership with ACA Entertainment for bookings in WI, IL, and MN. We did our drive-in show with them earlier this year and we are looking forward to hitting gigs in their areas next year. Thanks to Matt, Louie, and Thea for their support!

Also, many thanks to the Shepherd Express in Milwaukee for listing Beatallica in their top metal bands for 2020. It is difficult enough, in a "normal" year, to be at the top of one's game. Pints up to the Shepherd for their hype. Check them out at:

More announcements coming after the turn of the year. Until then, have a safe and happy end to 2020. We appreciate those of you who have been keeping in touch on social media! Definitely hit us up to say YO! Check out and for all the skinny.

Horns up!


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